All the Tea in China

This and the next few articles will familiarise you with the major tea growing countries and regions which are mostly in the Indian Ocean rim. It is essentially the same botanical source, but the differing tea products and flavours are created by the terroir, weather, method of processing and the expertise of the manager of

‘BUY ME’ Emblems and Slogans

Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Heart Tick, Ethical Partnership, Conservation, UTZ, PETA, Organic Certified, Halal, Kosher, Australian Made, etc. etc. These are some of the emblems that adorn packages of food and beverages that are sold in supermarkets in Australia. At the rate they are increasing the sizes of the cartons will have to increase substantially to

Fine China, Accoutrements and Yixing Teapots

Have you ever noticed that eating meals with good quality crockery and drinking from good glassware, enhances the dining experience and seems to make the food and drink taste better? It is the same with tea. Use good quality teapots and cups and above all, use the right type of teapot for the tea you

Tea and Health

Throughout history tea has been accepted as a healthy beverage. It is known to alleviate drowsiness and help and assist concentration – which was certainly an aid to meditating monks in monasteries. Tea has also been used as a digestive and as a medium to take other herbal medications as well being used in ointments

Winter Warmers

While honey and lemon added to your favourite tea or herbal infusion is a great way to beat the winter chills and ills, there are some teas and herbal infusions that are better suited to drinking in winter. A dozen suggestions are: Moroccan Mint (green tea with mint) Green Tea with Chilli (sweet South American chilli) Green Tea

Tea and the Winter Chill

When the cold, windy and blustery winter sets in, a steaming cup of delicious hot tea or for those who prefer it, a herbal infusion, is a good way to bring back warmth and good health back into your life. Make a cup of your favourite tea or infusion, maybe slightly stronger than you usually

A recent article by the gentleman who invented the coffee capsule stated the he regretted having done so. The reason? The environmental impact of millions of used capsules, some aluminium, some plastic. While producers claim that they are recycled, with the best of intentions, most end up in waste refill! The same goes for the

Most of the tea produced in the world is from countries which border the Indian Ocean (Sri Lanka, Kenya, and India to name a few). High seasonal rainfall caused by monsoonal weather patterns have been vital for agricultural pursuits in this region – going back centuries. The monsoon was a regular and expected occurrence, leading

Tea, Coffee & Caffeine

As a general rule, a cup of tea contains about a third of the caffeine content of a cup of coffee. Herbal infusions such a Peppermint and Fruit Infusions do not contain caffeine. A cup of green tea contains approximately half the caffeine content of black tea and white tea has even less. Caffeine affects

Would China be China Without Tea?

When we enjoy a good cup of tea we rarely give much thought to the social benefits this wonderful beverage has given to the citizens of the world. It can be said that the increase in populations in China (and later India), with the subsequent surge of their cultural and economic development, would not have

Iced Tea

Over 70 per cent of tea drunk in the United States is drunk as iced tea, mainly in the southern states. Most regular teas can be drunk iced, and it is certainly a healthy and very refreshing drink, particularly in summer. There are a few rules though – use good quality tea. Inferior teas are

Flavour, aroma and colour (of the infused tea) are the essential qualities looked at when the quality of teas are assessed. Consistency, which expert tea blenders try to achieve, is not easily or always obtained. Tea is a natural agricultural product and seasonal factors can and do, affect the flavour (very similar to wine). Tea