Where Does Tea Come From?

If you asked a child in most Western cities what tea is, the chances are they will say it is a brown powder in a small paper bag which has a string attached to it! The dumbing down and lack of information about this mystical and healthy beverage was successfully carried out by large multi

Gunpowder Green Tea

Green Gunpowder tea is one of the most popular green teas available and it is often used as the base to blend flavoured teas such as Moroccan Mint. Although its name sounds threatening, the reason it is called ‘gunpowder’ is because the rolled leaf style resembles the pellets that used to be put into shotguns!

Breakfast Teas – What and Why

English breakfast, Irish breakfast, Scottish breakfast, Melbourne breakfast, Perth breakfast, the list goes on. Breakfast teas were originally blended to give a strong brew, usually taken with milk, to complement a hearty English-style breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, butter and of course kippers and whatever else the gourmand desired! In the past, the teas were

A tea taster or blender tastes many hundreds of tea samples each week. This process determines the quality of the tea and the price that it will attract. Descriptive terms used by the tea trade exist for dry leaf, infused leaf and the beverage (called liquors). The terms are too many to mention here but

Terroir – Why it Applies to Tea & Wine

Terroir is a French word that refers to a place where the roots of a plant grow. The effect of that particular environment, altitude, climate, weather and soil has a distinct bearing on the unique taste, attributes and character of the beverage produced in an area or region. That is why tea produced in Darjeeling

Milk or Sugar?

To enjoy the real flavour and aroma of high quality black tea try taking it without milk or sugar. Green teas, flavoured teas and herbal infusions should be taken without milk. A mere touch of sugar or honey perhaps, if it is so desired. It is said that milk was introduced to tea in the

Which is why coffee plungers are good for coffee and not for tea leaves. Also the plunger damages the tea leaf and causes tannins to be released which can make the tea bitter. Because infused tea sinks to the bottom of the pot, look for a pot with the spout at the top of the

The Tea Salons of Paris

Paris ‘that elegant and fashionable city of light’ has the best tea salons and tea rooms in the world. Stylish and tastefully appointed these interesting establishments serve the highest quality teas from the best plantations, accompanied by delicious food. Some have a long history while others are relatively modern. Seek them out when visiting Paris

Australian Produced Tea, How True?

Some companies in Australia claim to supply ‘Australian produced tea’. The tea plantations in Australia which are run by these companies in Queensland are relatively small in acreage compared to the plantations run in the traditional tea producing countries. The yield (the amount of leaf) from an acre of plantation can vary depending on location

Tea and Coffee – So Very Different

The only common factor between tea and coffee is the use of boiling water to infuse or brew them. Even that is not quite the same as the correct water temperature for infusing teas varies with the type of tea being infused. Tea leaf versus coffee bean, the agricultural processes employed, the caffeine content and

Tea and Food, You Can Match Them

Tea is an essential part of fine living and dining…an integral part of the overall gastronomic experience. Just as wines are selected to enhance certain foods, teas can also be selected and brewed to match sweet, savoury or spicy foods and the various hours and moods of the day. TYPES OF FOOD SUITABLE TEA English-style

All Teabags are NOT the Same

Contrary to popular opinion, teabags do not necessarily make a bad cup of tea. Teabags are here to stay, convenience being their main advantage. The quality of the tea made by a teabag depends on the QUALITY OF THE TEA IN THE TEABAG. The majority of teabagged teas sold in supermarkets have inferior teas because